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Local Cool, Hot, Custom and Classic Cars

"Classie Comes To Town"

Yes, here is where "Classie" came to town. Richey Motor Company at the corner of Main and South West Street.

'29 Model A

"1929 Model "A" Roadster"

This Model "A" Roadster is the car Larry Smith dreamed of while in high school. This car was disassembled by Max Fore, an ole school bud of Larry's in 1958 and reassembled by Larry's sons, Stuart and Steven, with help from friends and co-workers Carl Woods and Paula Clayton. Bill Tyson applied the paint. Larry now drives "Old Classie" in local parades.

"Flames Are HOT!"

This "Hot" 1991 Chevy Pickup belongs to Bryan Loper of Atlanta. Bryan purchased this truck new and almost immediately started to customize the ride.

Cosworth Vega


Steven Smith's 1975 Cosworth Vega. Kept in a basement garage in Tennessee for 22 years. This Cosworth has only 6600 original miles. Driven only on cool and sunny Spring and Fall days. This little car is still a lot of fun!


Talking about a handfull.... Terry Foster loves to sport his 1968 Supercharged Big Block Chevy powered Camaro on the streets of Atlanta and to area car events. He has also been seen lighting up the tires at Red River Raceway on occasion, but he calls this his "street car".

"Clean '69"

This black 1969 Chevelle is one of two Chevelles owned by Paul Harvey of Atlanta. Paul is a motorsports enthusiast and pretty well works on cars everyday. The only thing that concerns me is he was also a dirt track racer for many years. At least you know he is more likely to turn left.

"Cart King"

And if a primo '73 SD Pontiac Trans Am, a couple of Vipers, a '71 Judge, a '66 GTO and a bulldozer were not enough.... well try out this little six speed shifter cart of Mark Norris. Mark is really enjoying this cart racing and is doing quite well.

Mark's Viper Roadster - recently sold!
He still has his Viper Coupe and a stable of Pontiacs.
Amanda Penney's Cool Pickup!

Bruce Penney's stable of Nova's!!!